About The Author


The author of this blessed book ISLAM THE RELIGION OF ALLAH

Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad was born in Fagge Local Government in Kano Nigeria on 20 June 1958. He started his primary education at the age of three in 1961 at Kurna Primary School before he transfered to Kwalli Primary School in Kano Municipal where he completed his primary education in1968. While he was reading for his primary school leaving certificate he took an evening course on the recitation of the Qur’an at the Malam Uzairu’s Quranic School at Kwalli Quarters and by 1969 he could recite most of the chapters of the Most Glorious Holy Qur’an (the Book of ALLAH).


In 1969 he gained admission into Kano Educational Development Center K.E.D.C. where he obtained his Grade 11 teachers Certificate in 1974. He taught for a brief period at one of the primary schools in Bichi Local Government in Kano and in 1975 he gained admission into The School of Basic Studies at A.B.U. Zaria where he bagged his Advance Level certificate in 1976. He gained admission into the Department of Art and Industrial Design Faculty of Environmental Design of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in Nigeria in 1976 where he bagged his first degree of B.A. (Hons) in Textile Design and Technology in 1979.


After his one year National Service in 1980 he joined The Kano State Polytechnic in 1980 as Lecturer 111 at the Department of Industrial Art and Design School of Techbology. In 1981 he gained admission into The Blackburn College of Technology and Design in England where he got his A.T.I (Associateship of Textile Industry) Manchester in 1983. He returned to Nigeria and continued with his teaching job at the same Polytechnic and rose from Lecturer 11 to Lecturer 1 and was later appointed the first indigenous head of department in 1984.


In 1986 he gained admission into The Department of Textile Industries at Leeds University in England for a Post Graduate course in Textile Industry and Technology. After his graduation in 1988 he took a three months special course in Business finance organized by The Citi-Corp British National (an arm of the Citi-Group the world’s biggest financial Institution). After the successful completion of the course, he was given a British standard license and a job as a Financial Consultant with the group in England-a job he kept until the end of 1990.


However, in 1991 Muhammad Muhammad returned to Nigeria and established a financial consultancy firm along with a small scale food packaging business in Kano Nigeria. However, with the lifting of ban on politics Muhammad took an interest in politics and contested for the Senatorial seat to represent his constituency Kano Central Senatorial Zone under the banner of the National Republican Convention (N.R.C) in 1992. After the botch election with the military take over Muhammad Muhammad returned to his business but


In 1997 with the lifting of ban on all political activities Muhammad created the A.N.P.P (All Nigeria People’s Party but did not contest for any political post on its platform. However, in 2002 the UNDP was refused registration by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Muhammad changed the name to U.N.P.P. (United Nigeria. Peoples Party) and after its registration he was asked to contest for the Governorship of Kano on its platform. Again in 2007 he participated in the registration of another party the N.S.D.P (National Solidarity Democratic Party) and was appointed its Deputy National Chairman in charge of the North West Zone and was given the privilege to contest for the Governorship of Kano on its platform.


In 2009 Muhammad took to healing of patients with jinn related sicknesses, magic spells, evil eye, cancers, ailments, and sicknesses that have defied modern medicine. Using supplications from The Glorious Holy Qur’an the Book of ALLAH and supplications from the authentic traditions of The Messenger of ALLAH Prophet Muhammad (Peace and the blessings of ALLAH be upon him) he was able to cure hundreds of people with various diseases and ailments. The tremendous successes he recorded in healing people with sicknesses and ailments over the years both strengthened his faith (Iman) in ALLAH, in His Messenger, and in his resolve to write books on Islam and on healing using the Islamic supplications.


Muhammad Muhammad has written books on Islam and on cure of diseases and ailments. Amongst the books he has written so far are: 1. Supplications of the believers, 2. Cure of diseases & ailments through supplications from the Glorious Holy Qur’an, Hadith and the 99 names of ALLAH. His other books are Adduo’in Muminai Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3, all written in Hausa and Arabic texts; Death and Resurrection (the Muslim Perspective), and Islam the religion of ALLAH (volume 1 & volume 2) which he has just accomplished are his most recent books. He is now writing a book titled “Prophet Muhammad the best in ALLAH’s creations.” The Messenger’s Companions (Al-Hulafa’ul Rashideen), and “Satan the Greatest Enemy of Man.” Are next on the line of books he is now researching.